Good Busy: Productivity, Procrastination, and the Endless Pursuit of Balance, by Julia Scatliff O’Grady (RCWMS Press, 2012)

We say we want to better manage our time—but what do we really mean? Do we mean we seek to tame the daily chaos? Are we afraid of how time seems to fly?

Author Julia Scatliff O’Grady set out on a journey to discover how we might experience the gift of time on our own terms. She met with many—settling on 10 singular people with a variety of professions and life circumstances and from varying corners of the U.S. She listened and she questioned and she listened some more. What she heard was not just a clock ticking, but something perhaps even promising, something as prescriptive as it is philosophical.

The key could be—as her portrayals of her 10 GOOD BUSY subjects attest—to name our own philosophy of being GOOD BUSY.

Among the 10 approaches to GOOD BUSY:
TUNNEL—Live by a metaphor.
SLIVER—Move beyond procrastination.
GEOLOGICAL—Take the long view.
HUNT—Discover the source of your business.

From these 10 people and their 10 approaches, we may borrow directly, cobble together, or, better yet, be inspired to identify and name our own approach.


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  1. =kristin= says:

    I can’t wait to read this book! I’ve read some of your blogs, and I love your writing style, profiles, and insight. Thanks!

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